Universal Service Agency, Inc. is one of the largest bond-only agencies in the United States. Our underwriters have over 20 years of experience as a resource to agents and brokers for their surety bonds and fidelity coverage needs. We are a managing underwriter representing 25 companies. Our companies operate in all states on an admitted and non-admitted basis and include Treasury listed and A. M. Best rated sureties. We can respond quickly to your bonding needs because we have powers of attorney and underwriting authority with many markets.

Select the type of bond below to obtain information and the forms necessary to begin the underwriting process. If you are unsure of the type of bond you need, choose our helping hand link.

Administrator Bond Admiralty Bond Alcohol Tax Bond
Appeal Bond Airlines Reporting
   Corporation Bond
Attachment Bond
Auctioneer Bond Bid Bond Boat Dealer Bond
Broker Bond Building Permit Bond Business Services Bond
Carnet Bond Caveat Bond Cigar/cigarette License Bond
Cigar/cigarette Tax Bond Collecton Agency Bond Comdata Bond
Concessionaire Bond Conservator - Incompetent
Consignee Bond
Constable Bond Contract Bond Contractor License Bond
Court Bond Curbsetter Bond Customs Bond
Debt Management Bond Detective License Bond Discharge Attachment Bond
Dishonesty (Employee) Bond Driving School Bond Employment Agency Bond
ERISA Bond Escrow Agent Bond Estate Bond
Excess FDIC Insuarnce Bond Excess Weight Bond Executor Bond
Fidelity Bond Fiduciary - Court Bond Fiduciary in Bankruptcy
   or Insolvency Proceedings Bond
Fiduciary Liability Insurance
Financial Guarantee Bond Financial Institution Bond
Food Stamp Bond Franchise Bond Freight Broker Bond
Fringe Benefit Bond Fuel Distribution Bond Fuel Use Bond
Fuel Tax Bond Fundraiser Bond Garnishment Bond
Guardian of Minor Bond Health Care Bond Health Club Bond
Highway Restoration Bond Home Improvement Bond Home Warranty Bond
Hunting & Fishing License
ICC Bond Injunction Bond
Immigrant Consultant Bond Importer Bond Insurance Adjuster Bond
Insurance Agent Bond Insurance Broker Bond Insurance Surplus Lines Broker
Janitorial Bond Labor and Materialmen Bond Landfill Bond
Large Deductible Bond Lease Bond Legal Document Assistant Bond
License Bond Liquidator Bond Liquor Bond
Livestock Bond Logging Bond Lost Instrument Bond
Lottery Bond Maintenance Bond Mechanic's Lien Bond
Medicaid Bond Medicare Bond Milk Dealer Bond
Miscellaneous Bond Mobile Home Dealer Bond Mobile Home Manufacturer
Money Order Bond Money Transfer Bond Money Transmitter Bond
Mortgage Banker Bond Mortgage Broker Bond Mortgage Lender Bond
Motor Carrier Bond Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Notary Bond
Nursing Home Bond Oversized Load Bond Patient's Trust Fund Bond
Pawnbroker's License Bond Payment Bond Performance Bond
Permit Bond Pet Sitter Bond Plaintiffs Bond
Postal Contract Station Bond Private School License Bond Probate Bond
Promotor Bond Property Broker Bond Public Adjuster Bond
Public Official Bond Real Estate Agent Bond Real Estate Broker Bond
Receiver in Bankruptcy or
   Insolvency Proceedings Bond
Reclamation/Closure Bond Refuse Removal Contractor
Release of Lien Bond Replevin - Defendant Bond Replevin - Plaintiff Bond
Repossessor Bond Responsible Officer Bond Restoration Bond
Restraining Order Bond Right of Way Bond Road Opening Bond
Sales Tax Bond Salvor Bond Secretary - Public Official Bond
Sign Erection Bond Site Improvement Bond Site Improvement
   Maintenance Bond
Solicitor Bond Special Hauling Permit Bond Street Obstruction Bond
Street Opening Bond Subdivision Bond Supersedeas Bond
Supply Bond Surplus Line Broker Bond Talent Agency Bond
Tax Collector Bond Telemarketer Bond Third Party Administrator Bond
Third Party Coverage Bond Timber Bond Title Agent Bond
Toll Bond Township Director - Public
   Official Bond
Township Manager - Public
   Official Bond
Transportation Broker Bond Trash Hauler Bond Travel Agent Bond
Treasurer Bond Trucker Bond Trustee in Bankruptcy and
   Insolvency Proceedings Bond
Trustee Under Will Bond Tuition Bond Turnpike Bond
Underground Storage Tank
Unemployment Compensation
Union Bond
Union Wage Bond Union Welfare Bond USDA Livestock Dealer and
   Packer Bond
Utility Bond Vehicle Collector Bond Vehicle Repossessor Bond
Wage Bond Welfare Bond Well Drilling Bond
Well Plugging Bond Workers Compensation Bond  
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